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Reliable Dental Care in Berwyn, IL

Denture Repair and Fabrication

Are you in need of denture repair so you can use your broken dentures again? Go to Robert L Matias DDS for dependable dental solutions that come at reasonable rates. His clinic offers a wide coverage of services including denture examination, denture repair, and denture fabrication in Berwyn, IL.

Crowns, Bridges, Fillings, and More

Apart from reliable dentures, Robert L Matias also performs installation and repair of crowns, bridges, and fillings. He is also open for consultations just in case you have questions about your teeth and your oral health in general. He offers services that are focused on relieving pain caused by teeth problems.

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Besides proper oral hygiene and periodic maintenance, good oral health also involves finding remedies for existing mouth and dental problems. Whether you need consultation or you have to deal with more complex dental procedures, Robert L Matias DDS is here to help you. Call him today at 708-795-0222 to book an appointment.
Please call to schedule an appointment 708-795-0222
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